About MoneyFox


I'm Sasha and I am the guy behind MoneyFox.

I have worked my whole career in banks and financial services companies. Over the last few years, I have been the Managing Director of Strategy Desk - a company that banks hire to build new credit cards, loans, current accounts, mortgages and other products.

Over the years I have worked with Mastercard, HSBC, RBS, Capital One, MBNA, Barclays, Tesco Bank, Virgin Money and many others. Here's a link to my LinkedIn profile - send me a message to connect!

Here's me at my desk in the Strategy Desk office in London:

Sasha sitting at his desk in the Strategy Desk office in London

I created MoneyFox to help people understand financial products better and become better at managing their money. When I looked around, I couldn't see a reputable website that genuinely explains in plain English exactly how personal finance products work and how you can make better use of them.

The information out there was scarce, often incorrect and sometimes misleading so along came MoneyFox in September 2019.

I am super excited about creating this resource - I really hope you find it useful and helpful. I even drew the MoneyFox logo myself!

What we're building at MoneyFox

The objective of MoneyFox is super simple. I want to help people manage their money better through a better understanding of exactly how financial products work.

Knowing the ins and outs of how these products work from working in the industry for years, I often found myself explaining fine details to my friends and family. I felt like this information could be useful to a wider audience and this is when MoneyFox was launched.

I've seen a lot of information shred by people who do not necessarily know what they are talking about. Some of the biggest forums on the subject will have 'experts' misinforming people about how things work.

My objective is to turn the tables and make sure the customer knows everything they want or need to know about financial products. No smokescreens, no jargon and no little secrets buried on page 37 of a legal document.

Just plain simple facts and as much help as I can give. I hope you find this useful.

MoneyFox content policy

MoneyFox is designed to offer the best information possible to all of our readers. This means that unlike comparison websites or other big websites that may be conflicted in their content, I want MoneyFox to be very different.

All of our editorial content is 100% based on our opinion and is never influenced by anybody else.

We do not and will not have sponsored content on the website. Ever.

We only recommend products if we genuinely believe that they are the best product of its type or for the specific circumstance.

Disclaimer: We do not offer financial advice. All of our reviews, recommendations and information is given as purely editorial content. None of this information is specific to the reader and it does not take into account any of the reader's personal information. Please make sure you consider your own circumstances and only use MoneyFox as another source of information. If in doubt, seek professional advice.

How does MoneyFox make money?

Moneyfox currently does not make any money at all.

While the website is still new, we do not have any advertising and we do not receive any payment from any company for affiliate links or recommendations. None at all.

In the future, we are planning to earn money in two ways:

  1. Website advertising. Like many other websites around the world, we'll have adverts on our website to help pay for its running costs.
  2. Affiliate deals. If any of the companies we specifically recommend accept us as an affiliate, we will get a small payment when we refer customers to their website who then go on to take the product.

We will not recommend products based on whether or not we have an affiliate deal or whether one affiliate deal is better than another. I am more than happy to recommend products that we have no affiliate deal for instead of those we do if they are better.

It is far more important to me for MoneyFox to provide the best possible information than lose customers' trust. If you want to get in touch with us with any questions at all, please drop us a line on our contact page.

We are in the process of applying for a Consumer Credit Licence. Until we get this licence, we cannot have any affiliate deals because you legally have to be a licensed broker to do so. We will update this section to let you know when we are approved and this changes.